The Connection Between Language and Race    
    Language exists as much to conceal as to signify. Whatever admirable relations such terminology signifies, the use of such language can be a way of embedding racist attitudes. Race' was first used in the English language in 1508, in a poem by William Dunbar, and through the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it remained essentially a literary word denoting a class of persons or things. It was only in the late eighteenth century that the term came to mean a distinct category of human beings with physical characteristics transmitted by descent. Race has been used to distinguish who is who and language has been used to communicate with each other verbally and by writing.
    The importance of language is a key aspect and interaction in our everyday lives. We use language to communicate to the people around us about how we feel and question/understands this world that we are in. We communicate great with our words, emotions, and timbre of our voice in an abundance of situation. Would you talk to a small child with the same words you would in a business      meeting?      The ability to      socialize with each other, form relationships, collaboration, and it's what separates humans from other animal species. Communication drives our lives and better ourselves. I have always been interested in languages. Our language is the most important part of our being. I think it is important to learn other languages because it help us learn about other people and their culture, it's so simple that we can learn just from socializing this is one of the most basic parts of our identity. Language isn't the only way that humans communicate but it makes it so much easier to do so with language. No matter where you go in the world, there was always be different languages everywhere. For example if you come to Los Angeles, it is a lot of people from different places coexisting in the same region. Languages can be gray in many ways what they also can make it difficult for people to communicate as well. If you speak English but someone else speak Spanish it may be difficult to understand what the other person is saying, making the conversation more difficult than if you both spoke the same language. Although it may be difficult for us to all speak the same language, we can definitely learn how to speak others language through tutoring and other resources.      Especially if you like traveling around the world it is a good idea to know more than one language. Thus language is not the creation of one person or of one period but it is an collection, on which hundreds of generations and numerous individual workers have worked. Language is like a update to mankind. It raised Man from a low state of being to a articulate frame of mind. Additionally, man differs from animals is that man alone is the sole possessor of language. No doubt animals have some level of communication but that is not only inferior in degree to human language, but, is completely different and complex. Also, language helps with the spread of culture. Sometimes an idea or situation is not able to be explained with language, this makes it hard to translate. Language is so important to humankind      I      really can't imagine life without it. It can easy to forget how useful our words can be and the history that comes with it.
         Race refers to a person physical person such as hair, eyes and color. It also represents the concept of dividing people into groups based on physical characteristic (which is a result from your genetic ancestry). People may wonder does race play a role in our society today      I      would      say yes! Throughout history we have witnessed the effects and even today there are still race issues going on in our society. Racism ties together with race so, people may may wonder does this still exist, I would say yes based on the way society is structured it highly suggest that it definitely exist. For example, higher prestige jobs tend to be based on race and background more so than the skills you're